About Us


Our Mission is . . . . .
  1. To provide the highest quality products and services allowing us to meet or exceed our customers expectations;
  2. To promote our products and services in a manner that meets or exceeds our suppliers needs and expectations;
  3. To create an atmosphere of trust in dealing with customers and suppliers that enhances long-term business relationships;
  4. To encourage our employees to develop their individual abilities personally and professionally;
  5. To become a trusted business partner.

Our History

By 1976, Levon and his wife, Grace, saw the need to move to larger facilities, in part to manufacture his unique, patented livestock pen for fairgrounds. Since that time, the plant in Wakarusa has been in continuous operation.
MarkDon and Linda Hahn, who purchased the firm in 1985 from Mr. Weldy, have continued his tradition of manufacturing reliable products with friendly service. In 1992, a resale division was added, and includes product from Patz, Hampel (Calf-tel), Miraco (Mirafount), Millcreek, J&D Manufacturing, and Stronghold. In 2001 WeldyEnterprises bought the rights to manufacturing Handi-Klasp Livestock Equipment with its focus on manufacturing horse equipment. This provides Weldy Enterprises the ability to manufacture the best equipment needed in both the cattle, dairy, and horse industry.

Picture of StaffWeldy Enterprises continues to grow as it diversifies by offering more products and services for the agricultural (primarily livestock-related), commercial and industrial markets while also increasing its customer base through an enthusiastic dealer sales network and by serving its retail customers.

Our staff is the solution to your Livestock and Material Handling needs.

Weldy Enterprises believes in the privacy of its customers. Read our privacy policy.

MarkWe would like to remember Mark Hahn, Vice-President of Weldy Enterprises, who died of a heart attack at age 43. His smile, laughter and caring will be remembered by customers and ourselves.

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