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multiple hutches
Even when our customers need more than just one or two hutches, we deliver!

The choice for animal housing by the industry standard in calf-raising systems. Check out Hampel's Calf-Tel Pro II System, Calf-Tel hutches, their MultiMax shelter, or their Calf-Tel Pen.
  • The Calf-Tel Pro hutch is the most efficient and cost-effective housing option available, while the Calf-Tel Pen is the modular cost-effective solution for indoor calf raising.

    Manufactured using a unique thermoforming process and the highest quality polyethylene plastic, Calf-Tel hutches have strength and durability, the only thermoformed hutch available.

    For detailed specifications on the new Calf-Tel Pro II System, the Calf-Tel Hut, the MultiMax, or the Calf-Tel pen go to Hampel's Calf-Tel web site or call us at the number above.
  • Calf-Tel hutch
    MultiMax Shelter

    The MultiMax helps calves transition from isolation to a manageable group environment.

  • Calf-tel hutCalf-Tel Pro II System

    We carry a lot of Calf-tel in stock.
  • Calf-tel
    The all-new Pro II with a one-of-a-kind, fully adjustable rear ventilation and bedding door
  • Calf-telSuperior airflow, both for cold and hot environments
  • Calf-telUnparalleled Ventilation
  • Calf-tel pen stack
    Pens are modular
  • Calf-PenCalf-Tel Pen
  • Delivery of Calf-telWe keep a lot of Calf-Tel in stock and deliver!