Millcreek Compact Spreaders, Top Dressers, and Spin Groomers

Millcreel LogoMicreek SpreadersWe carry a large variety of new Millcreek products in stock as can be seen in the image below.If we don't have what you want in stock we can order it. Call us at the number above or Contact Us by e-mail 24 hours a day.

View a video about the operation of Millcreek Spreaders.


For more information about specific models click on the links below.

Compact Spreaders
Model #27+, 28 Cu. Ft., up to 4 horses
Model #37+, 37 Cu. Ft., up to 6 horses

Mid-size Spreaders
Model #57+, 44 Cu. Ft., up to 10 horses
Model #77+, 62 Cu. Ft., up to 20 horses

Large Spreaders
Model #97+, 96 Cu. Ft., more than 20 horses
Model #127+, 127 Cu. Ft., more than 25 horses

Economy Spreaders
Model #15
Model #22

Spin Groomer Spin Groomer

Easy-to-use rotary arena drags can work wonders for improving hard, compacted baseball and softball infields as well as equine training areas. No PTO is required, so it spins as you pull it.

Comes in 3 sizes.