Miraco EquiFount Horse Waterers

Miraco logoWe carry a complete line of the Miraco waterers for horses. For pricing or additional information call us at (800) 628-4728 or email us. To see Miraco's entire line of waterers go to our Miraco Waterers page. You can also visit the Miraco web site.

  • Miraco Equifount waterer
    1100 corner mount - 1101 with heat

    SPECIFICATIONS for 1100 - 1101

    Available in these colors:
    11-- colors
    white, beige, blue, black, hunter green

    100% Poly construction - Urethane foam insulation
    One piece construction - Smooth surfaces
    Cool clean water available at all times
    Easy to clean out (no need to disassemble to clean)
    Easy hookups
    Reliable valve system, easy adjustment
    Water hookup from above or below
    Optional insulated tube for hookup to underground water line
    Optional heaters (heater never touches water)
  • 1200
    1200 wall mount - 1201 with heat
    SPECIFICATIONS for 1200-1201

    Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 14" tall

    WALL MOUNT unit was made just for horse operations. Ideal for stalls and open barns. Can be plumbed from above or below. Add optional 50 watt heat element and thermostat.

    Durable poly construction and urethane foam insulation. Easy valve access, four bolt installation. Large drain, no disassembly required. Plentiful water supply with minimal waste. Attractive design available in five attractive colors

  • MiraFount 3465 waterer

    SPECIFICATIONs 2900 / 2901 Space Saver

    Gallons: 6
    Dimensions: 30.5" W x 16.5" L x 19" H
    (19" drinking height)
    Valve: Miraco automatic plastic
    Weight: 48 lbs.
    Heat: Optional 110 volt 250 watt submersible heater
    Install: 200 psi hose w/shut off, valve included
    Exclusive 5 year warranty
  • Miraco 2800 waterer

    SPECIFICATIONS 2800 / 2801

    Gallons: 4
    Dimensions: 20"W x 16"L x 19" (19" drinking height)
    Weight: 40 pounds
    Valve: Automatic Plastic
    Heat: Optional 110 volt 250 watt submersible heater (2801)

  • Lil Spring 3001 waterer

    SPECIFICATIONS for 3000 / 3001

    Gallons: 5
    Dimensions: 24" x 22" x 16" (16" drinking height)
    Weight: 38 pounds
    Valve: Automatic Plastic
    Heat: Optional 250 watt submersible heater (3001)
  • Lil Spring 3002 extension

    SPECIFICATIONS for 3002 Extension

    Raises Lil' Spring drinking height from original 16" to 28".  Ideal for installation in paddocks or stalls.   Makes the water more visible and prevents livestock from putting their feet in the water bowl.
  • Miraco 3100 waterer

    SPECIFICATIONS for 3100 / 3101

    Gallons: 8
    Dimensions: 22" W x 36" L x 27" H (22" drinking height)
    Heat: Optional 250 watt submersible heater (3101)
    Exclusive 5 year warranty

  • 3500


    Gallons: 40
    Dimensions: 42"W x 42"L x 26"H (drinking height)
    Weight: 150 pounds
    Heat: Valve Automatic Plastic
    Heat Optional 110 volt or 220 volt, 250 watt emersion heater. 200 psi hose with shut off valve included.
    Exclusive 5 year warranty


  • E-fount logoAll E-Founts have 50 watt heat elements and adjustable thermostats.  At -25F for a week an E-Fount waterer will only use about 4 kilowatts of electricity.  They're the most economical electric waterers available today.
  • E Fount 3465-E waterer

    Gallons: 8
    Dimensions: 22" W x 36" L x 27" H (22" drinking height)
    Heat: Optional 250 watt submersible heater
    Exclusive 5 year warranty
  • E Fount 3330-E waterer

    Gallons: 15
    Specifications: One 8.75" opening / 9" ball closure
    Dimensions: 26" x 28" x 14" tall
  • E Fount 3410-E waterer

    Gallons: 6
    Specifications: Two lift-up lids / 10" openings
    Dimensions: 19" x 34" x 18" tall

  • Miraco 834, Insulated Heat Tubes

    Insulated Heat Tubes
    834 845-5


    Dimensions: 14" x 30" / 2" insulation
    Weight: 16 pounds

    This highly insulated tube shields incoming ground water from cold as it passes through the frost level.   Polyethylene construction ensures years of trouble-free use.  One 30-inch tube and 3 feet of 12-inch drainage tile provides a sufficient heat well in most locations.   For northern regions, two 30-inch heat tubes may be required.
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