Time spent by cowsResearch has shown that in an oudivoor pasture, healthy cows spend 18 to 20 hours each day lying down. The same cows, when confined to a barn spend only 8 to 10 hours in a prone position.

The surfaces the animals lay on obviously make the difference. Pasture is natural, resilient and comfortable while the barn floor is hard and unforgiving.

Installation of mats provides the ideal indoor surface for your cows' comfort-as close to natural turf as you can get. Mats reliably absorbs the shocks of repeated impacts and eliminates the risk of injury to even the heaviest cow.

View these 30 second videos by PastureMat from Weldy's YouTube Channel. These are time-lapse videos of cows in the barn and of actual cow behavior getting up from lying down.


A happy cowInstalling Pasture Mat
  1. Installing Cow Mats (and one comfortable cow).
  2. Another installation, What a Difference a Day Makes, before and after views.

1.    Animal Comfort

A comfortable cow is more likely to be healthy, productive and free of the stress caused by continuous discomfort.

Mats provide a stall surface that is resilient - matching natural turfgrass - without the bounce or sponginess of artificial materials. It provides a firm footing for your cows with no pillowing inwards and is an ideal surface for bedding materials such as chopped straw, wood shavings or sawdust.

Mat should takes into account one vital and relatively unknown aspect of cow physiology. In the process of lying down, the animal actually free-falls the last 10 to 12 inches. As you can imagine, the impact of 1,400+ pounds of bodyweight hitting a concrete floor is considerable. The fact is, sooner or later she's gong to end up with festering sores from constant abrasion.

The best Mats are shock absorbent, thereby eliminating the risk of injury.

2.    Durability

  • mattressThe Mat is a multi-celled mattress filled with uniformly sized rubber crumbs.
  • The mat is protected by a tough, top wear skin.
  • It will not tear, stretch, deform or lose its shape.
  • Non-organic Pasture Mat Systems does not support the production of bacteria.

Pasture Mat's Blend of components, crumb size, degree of compaction and methods of assembly are the result of long, careful hours of observation and on-farm testing.

The result is a revolutionary new cow mat that will not tear, stretch, deform or lose it's resilience - and is also totally unaffected by urine, feces and the daily rigours of heavy use. The quality and durability built into Pasture Mat guarantees superior performance.

3. Reduced Costs

Mats is installed quickly and easily - right on top of the sand, concrete or existing cow mat base, saving you time and money. You don't throw away the investment you've already made in your stalls. The "lifetime turf" nature of the mat means you use less bedding material, equivalent of at least three inches of bedding. You bed for hygiene, not comfort, and change the bedding less often. And because the mat is guaranteed to retain its full, original shape, bedding materials won't collect in heavy, hard to shift pools of urine and feces at aisle sides of your stalls.

Field tests in working barns prove a reduction in the cost of bedding and amount of labour needed to maintain clean stalls.

The Bottom Line

It is safe to assume that any reduction in comfort-related stress is a desirable goal of herd management, with benefits that are likely to impact directly and positively on herd health, productivity and management costs.

Mats are economical, durable and low maintenance - putting extra dollars in your pocket! It is the ideal surface to keep your cows comfortable and contented.

For more information and pricing, call us or send us an email. You can also visit Pasture Mat's web site.