Solar Fence Energizer S10


The S10 portable solar energizer powers up to 3 miles / 15 acres of single wire fence with no vegetation and boasts several solar technology improvements that make it ideal for garden protection, temporary grazing applications, livestock and pet containment.

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Clean Fence: 15 acres / 3 miles​
Typical Fence:​ 5 acres / .5 miles​
​0.1 Stored Joules​​​

​​Turn on and forget – Energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun

Quick to install – can be setup easily in any location and moved about as required allowing it to be used for strip grazing and better pasture management

Super tough, drop resistant, Waterproof casing with built-in lightning protection – designed to be left outside, in all weather conditions giving the farmer confidence that it will keep stock contained

360 degree mounting on t-posts for correct orientation toward the sun  ​​

Weight 5 lbs

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