Weigh Scale & Data Recorder W810


EID compatible weigh data collector with wireless bluetooth connectivity. Ideal for stud or commercial ranches/farms looking to improve stock value and performance. This new version 2 model combines super-fast weight locking with outstanding accuracy.

Marketing leading Fast Weigh Software dramatically increases weight lock speeds with outstanding accuracy. See the fast weigh software in action​

​​​​​​Predefined easy selection of and connection to most major drafters

​​​​​​New Animal Performance Software makes it even simpler to find and use the data collected with its easy to use menu system

​​​The APS Standard software can also be upgraded to the Professional version. Store up to 21,000 animals and 60,000 records Draft up to 9 ways by weight or EID number

​​​​Automatic display of average daily gain and carcass weight estimation

​​​​​​Define your own animal traits and activities and edit records on screen during weighing session

​​​​​​Bluetooth wireless connection plus two serial ports for communicating with other devices such as EID Tag Readers & drafters​

Animal Data Transfer App for fast and easy data transfer

Large, easy to read and backlit display screen for in-shed use

Large easy to use keyboard for alphanumeric data entry

Plus all the basic features of a Gallagher clam shell weigh scale: Rapid, automatic, accurate weight capture regardless of animals’ movement​

Three weighing modes: Auto weighing – animal weight locks automatically for fast hands free weighing Manual weighing – operator retains control of weighing cycle by pressing WEIGH key

Weight 9.3 lbs

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