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Weigh Scale W610


Entry level EID compatible weigh scale for medium sized farms/ranches wishing to record regular live weights and make informed management decisions. This new version 2 model combines super-fast weight locking with outstanding accuracy.

Fast Weigh Software dramatically increases weight lock speeds with outstanding accuracy​

​​​​​​Predefined easy selection of and connection to most major drafters

​​​​​​New Animal Performance Software makes it even simpler to find and use the data collected with its easy to use menu system. The APS Standard software can also be upgraded to the Professional version.

​​​Store up to 12,000 animals and 12,000 records Draft up to 5 ways by weight or EID number

​​​​Automatic display of average daily gain and carcass weight estimation

​​​​​​Large, easy to read and backlit display screen for in-shed use and large easy to use keyboard for alphanumeric data entry

Two serial ports for communicating with other devices such as EID Tag Readers & drafters

Plus all the basic features of a Gallagher clam shell weigh scale: Rapid, automatic, accurate weight capture regardless of animals’ movement Three weighing modes: Auto weighing – animal weight locks automatically for fast hands free weighing Manual weighing – operator retains control of weighing cycle by pressing WEIGH key Fine weighing – small load weighing with no zero tracking for greater accuracy

Smooth action large rotary switch providing easy access to multiple weighing modes Super long run time internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage shutdown

Continue weighing session while charging battery with AC adapter or external battery

Extra protection and transportation – tough shock and waterproof case. Compatible with most loadbars (automatically calibrates with Gallagher loadbars)

Weight 9 lbs

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