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steer Stuffer     Steer Stuffer
Calf Creep     Portable Calf Creep
Salt and Mineral Feeder     Salt and Mineral Feeder

For best results and easy filling -- install next to fenceline. Designed for the large operator as a salt and mineral feeder. Ideal for the person with four or five head on feed as a grain self-feeder. With dividers where salt and mineral is to be fed separately.

Tops for 4-H or FFA boy or girl self-feeding club calves. Ideal for purebred breeder with a few bulls or heifers in one lot.

  • Model No.
    Height to square (front)
    Height to the square (rear)
    Chin Board Ht.
    Shipping Wt.
  • Specifications

    36 in.
    39 in.
    55 in.
    48 in.
    20 1/2 in.
    300 lbs.
    220 lbs.

  • 500GCSM
    43 1/2 in.
    28 1/4 in.
    62 1/2 in.
    53 1/2 in.
    24 1/2 in.
    550 lbs.
    380 lbs.