Manufacturing & Equipment

download Weldy PDF If you are looking for horse-related equipment Weldy Enterprises manufacture two brands of horse equipment, our Weldy-style and our Handi-Klasp style. See our Weldy horse feeders, our Weldy economy horse stall, and other Weldy horse-related equipment below. For our Handi-Klasp style of horse equipment, including horse barns and horse stalls please view our Handi-Klasp brand horse equipment on our Handi-Klasp horse-related web pages.

Available as a free download is our Weldy Enterprises/Handi-Klasp 2009-2010 PDF Product Catalog. This catalog includes both Weldy Agricultural and Livestock Equipment and Handi-Klasp Horse and Livestock Equipment, all the products we manufacturer here at Weldy Enterprises.

To find out more about "how" we manufacture our products please "click here".