Fence Line Bunk Feeders

Fence line Bunk Feeder

Fence Line Bunk Feeders     Fence Line Bunk Feeders

Finishing a fence line bunk feederFence line bunks form a division between the feed lot and feeding area. This allows feed to be placed in the bunk without entering the lot or dumping it over a fence. The bunk side toward the cattle is closed preventing a buildup under feed bunk. Cattle restraining bars are welded to the bunk on the cattle side forming a fence. This prevents cattle from stepping or falling into bunk in addition to minimizing feed waste. Fence line bunk can be ordered in any length. They are normally made up in 10' or 12' lengths bolted together.

Completing a fence line bunk with our Weldy Green finish


*Length ordered normally made up in 10' or 12' lengths to be bolted together.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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