Weldy Gates

weldy gates

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Custom gate 1

We are very proud of our custom work from hinged "expanding" gates to any number of custom changes to many of our most popular items. Chances are we have either done it or can do it. Need something special? Keep us in mind!!
Our unique Weldy weld
Weldy weld

Hog Gates (7 bars 36-1/2")

HG04 (46#)
HG06 (63#)
HG08 (87#)
HG10 (104#)
HG12 (123#)
HG14 (144#)
HG16 (165#)
HG18 (184#)

Custom hinged "expanding" gates

custom gate 2Combination Cattle and Hog Gates (8 bars 48")

CCHG04 (53#)
CCHG06 (73#)
CCHG08 (99#)
CCHG10 (120#)
CCHG12 (140#)
CCHG14 (164#)
CCHG16 (188#)
CCHG18 (210#)

Weldy latch

latchCattle Gates (6 bars 48")

FG04 (43#)
FG06 (58#)
FG08 (79#)
FG10 (94#)
FG12 (110#)
FG14 (129#)
FG16 (147#)
FG18 (164#)

cattle gate
cattle gate

Panel and gate image

Horse Gate

Seven bars all 1-1/4 inch square tub
Secure panel interlocking usingstandard upper attached pin
Mitered upper corners for added strength and safety
Loop leg on female end

Lengths: 8' 10' 12'
Height: 66" 66" 66"

FGWO Wheel option
SBL Side Bar Latch
FGCS Center Gate Support

SBLR Side Bar Latch Receiver
FGCSR Center Gate sup. rec.

DSBL Double Side Bar Latch
DSBLR Double Side Bar Latch Receiver
DSBLL Double Side Bar Latch Lock

1-1/2" 16 Ga. Sq. Tubing
32" 2/0 Chain with Cattle Proof Latch
Round Corners

Actual Length equals nominal minus 4-1/2"
8' - 10' gates have one vertical support
12 ' - 16' gates have two vertical supports
18' gates have three vertical supports
4'-16' gates have two hinges with 3/4" x 11" hinge pens
18' gates have three hinges with 3/4" x 11" hinge pens

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