Stationary Crowding Tub

Handi-Klasp Stationary Crowding Tub

Our Crowding tub is designed to be safe for both you and your animals, easy to set up, easy to operate, strong, and long lasting. To reach all of these desired results we built a sheeted tub that can be reversed and set up as a 90 or 180 degree tub, in relation to the alley and chute, with a few simple steps. 

Handi-Klasp Y-Sort

The Y-sort can be placed between alley sections to divert cattle from the crowding tub to either a loading chute, another pen, or a trailer, depending on your cattle handling needs.  

Handi-Klasp Alley

Made in 8’ sections, though we can custom build to different sizes. Pin-adjustable from 28” wide down to 16” to fit all sizes of cattle. Like our crowding tubs, our alley panels are sheeted to promote safe handling of your animals.

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