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Patz Vertical TRM Mixers

• Stationary
• Trailer
• Truck

Manure Handling

All livestock producers face the challenge of dealing with manure. While the challenge never goes away, it does change due to a number of factors:

• Compliance with existing and evolving regulations
• Growing processing and applications costs.
• Expanding neighborhoods and urban communities.
• Traditional land application methods do not solve the problems. But, new technology from Patz Sales creates manure solutions to keep your operation more profitable and protect the environment.

Model 400 Material Mover

Adaptable, low-maintenance, rugged material mover.

• Simple design and layout flexibility easily adapts to your needs for today and tomorrow
• Not your typical straight-line conveyor! Patz Material-Moving System enables you to transport materials horizontally, around corners, up inclines, and levels out again.
• Features Patz proven hook-and-eye chain link and flite system
• In-floor concrete or metal trough, and above floor metal trough available
• Three drive unit options available: roller chain, planetary, gearbox with low horsepower requirements
• Moves material up to 400 feet (122 m)

Silo Unloaders

Quick and easy installation for same day operation!

• Gathering chain aggressively removes hard-packed and frozen feeds
• High-volume delivery for fast feeding and reduced labor costs
• Easily adjustable to compensate for various feed and silo conditions
• Self-sharpening power cutter follosws exact curvature of the silo wall
• The reliable Patz electrical joint is unmatched in design and service

Model 9427 Chopper

No matter where you use it, the 9427 Chopper will save you time and labor!

• Patented unique, one-piece, four-point, reversible Quadra-Shark® blade is designed for chopping and long life
• Available in portable, stationary with bottom discharge, stationary chopper with blower, and 3-point hitch chopper with blower units
• Multiple power options – gas, electric, or PTO
• Fire extinguisher comes standard on all units
• All controls are grouped together for convenient and easy operation
• Adjustable, 7-position grate controls length-of-cut of material


Economical conveying of light- to medium-density bulk materials.

• Move feed, grain, sawdust, forage, chips, and other bulky materials
• Move material exactly where you want it with adjustable decline, incline, or straight-line one-way conveying. Reversible conveying available in straight-line conveyor.
• Choice of smooth, textured, or cleated, standard or cold temperature, food grade belts, and more

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We have what you need for Miraco waterer parts. We carry a complete line of the Miraco automatic waterer parts.

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