Sheep Equipment

R6C-Sheep Round Bale Cone Feeder

Our round bale cone feeder for sheep is manufactured at the right height for sheep.

Model S-4C Feeder

12 slanted bars
Steel Floor
46″ height 46″ width

Model S-4S Feeder

16 slanted bars
Steel Floor
46″ height 46″ width

6′ x 6′ Sliding Panel Feeder

Designed for square or round bales Sides of feeder slide toward the center as hay is eaten to allow the sheep to completely eat available hay. Made in the sturdy Weldy fasion of 11/4″ 13 guage tublng and 11″ sheet metal. Easily aseembled through use of 4 rods.
Welght: 280 lbs.

Confinement Fencing

Weldy’s confinement fencing answers the need for the farmer. For specifications click here.

Handi-Klasp Equipment

For our Handi-Klasp style of horse equipment, including horse barns and horse stalls please visit our Handi-Klasp page.

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