Utility Chute

Utility Chute Model HKUC1

Built as a component system, the HKUC1 can be set up to fit all of your utility needs by simply adding the options that fit your working system either with your initial purchase or later as you need to. The HKUC1 is not a Squeeze chute; however, it does have a “wedge” squeeze at the back of the left hand side (standing at the back and looking forward to the front) of the Chute that can be used to immobilize animals. The HKUC1 also features dutch doors and ratchets for a humping bar.

The HKUC1 can be set up with any of the following options.

  • Manual Head Gate/With or without an extension arm to open the head gate from the back of the chute
  • Self-Catch Head Gate
  • Head Cradle (on either head gate)
  • Palpation Cage
  • Sliding Rear Gate
  • Bi-fold Rear Gate 

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