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We manufacture Weldy Agricultural & Livestock Equipment and Handi-Klasp Livestock Equipment as well as serving the Ag and Industrial material handling equipment needs for all of northern Indiana and the surrounding areas. Our products are all durable products designed and built for the long term needs and uses of our customers. Our Weldy R7C Round Bale Hay Saver Cone Feeder (see animation below) was rated #1 in university studies.

University studies rate the R7C #1We strive to be known as the company big enough to do the job...yet small enough to want to. We are distributors of Miraco livestock watering products. You can even order Micaco parts from us online in the middle of the night and have them shipped to you when we open that day. We are also distributors of Millcreek compact spreaders and equipment, Hampel animal housing products, J&D Manufacturing Barn Products, and Stronghold Cattle handling Products. Weldy Enterprises provides excellence in sales, service, and parts for quality Ag and Industrial material handling equipment from manufacturers such as Patz.

We carry excellent lines of vertical mixers from Trioliet & Patz. We also sell and install Pasture Mat Cow Mats, Artex, and J&D Barn Hardware. We carry Smidley and E/R Poly Farm Products. Hayslides are for use with both round and square bale, and the Hayslide HayKnife completes your hay feeding needs. The Hayhut Horse Feeder is a great enclosed feeder. Weldy Times NewsletterOur newest product line is the Coon 3-compartment mineral feeder with fly killer kover. Check our listings of your closest dealers for Weldy Equipment, Handi-Klasp Equipment, Miraco, Millcreek, and Hampel products.

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Weldy Enterprises...an innovative company committed to providing quality products and services to our present and future customers as manufacturer and distributor, wholesaler, and retailer.