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Steer Stuffers

Smidley™ feed lot equipment is the world’s best. With many years of experience, farmers and ranchers confirm the many advantages of our equipment. Heaviest and best constructed cattle feeder on the market.

• Feeds all ground feed, grain, pellets, and shelled corn.

• Cuts labor cost by 80%.

• Feeds both beef and dairy cattle.

• Increases gain by 10%.

• Reduces feed wastage for higher profits.

• 100% 304 Stainless Steel lined bottom.

Calf Creeps / Portable Calf Creeps

The 6-Stall and Super 6-Stall have plenty of room for even the largest calves to get in and mill around, away from the cattle. Tested and proven substantial enough to keep out the cows that insist on trying to eat out of the creep.

Scales for Veal Calfs and Hog

The new age of swine production requires accurate weight readings for maximum profits with our Smidley scale now with a digital head. Our scales are light enough to easily move around but built durable enough to last for many years.

• No cables, beams, or springs.

• Recommended Scale Capacity: 1,000 lbs.

• Hinged gates swing either direction for fast sorting.

• Tread plate floor reduces slippage.

• Flip-up locking wheels, easily accessible.

• Fits through standard doorways.

Salt and Mineral Feeders

or best results and easy filling — install next to fenceline. Designed for the large operator as a salt and mineral feeder. Ideal for the person with four or five head on feed as a grain self-feeder. With dividers where salt and mineral is to be fed separately.

Tops for 4-H or FFA boy or girl self-feeding club calves. Ideal for purebred breeder with a few bulls or heifers in one lot.

Width 36" 43 1/2"
Depth 39" 28 1/4"
Height to Square (front) 55" 62 1/2"
Height to Square (rear) 48" 53 1/2"
Chin Board Height 20 1/2" 24 1/2"
Capacity 300 lbs 550 lbs
Shipping Weight 220 lbs 380 lbs

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