E/R Poly Farm Products

E/R Poly Farm Products has innovative agricultural storage solutions for every application. Our bins are perfect for storing up to two and a half tons of most any flow able material.

Molded from tough, clean polyethylene. UV 12 inhibitor protects the bins and other storage containers as well as the contents from sunlight while allowing visual feed level control.

E/R Poly Farm Products DOES NOT put a ladder on any of the bins to give unparalleled convenience and safety!

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Poly Bin with Galvenized Frame (3000# Capacity)

3000# Capacity
52.5” D x 76.5 W x 120”/146” T (390 lbs.)
Color: White w/Red cap

Poly Bin with Galvenized Frame (4000# Capacity)

4000# Capacity
56.5″ Dia x 122” T Round
(396 #) Color: White
Two ton bin. It will hold two ton of corn or about one and seven eighths ton of mix feed depends on the feed stored. It is 10 ft. tall and 56.5” round. The legs are made out of ten gauged gal steel. with a chore time Brock side gate.

Poly Hay & Grain Saver Feeder

20.5” D x 24” W x 28” T (17 lbs.)
Color: Black

Poly Insulated Bucket Holder for 5 gallon Bucket

16” D x 18” W x 13.5 T (10 lbs.)
Color: Gray

Poly 4-H or Dock Storage Box

9.5” D x 51” W x 22.5” T (45 lbs.)
Color: Black, White, Hunter Green, Brown Tone

Poly Corner Feeder Pan for Small Animals

20” D x 20” W x 5” T
(4 lbs.)
Color: Black

Metal Hay Rack Corner Mount

¼ Bale Capacity
(4.5 lbs.)
Color: Powdercoat Black

Poly Water Tub 48 Gallon Capacity

36” Top x 26” Bottom x 16” T
(13 lbs.)
Color: Blue, Black

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